Bike rides in France!

I finally rode a bike in France. Two bikes, actually. On two different rides during the same day.

Beater Mountain bike with a great name.

First was a delightful early morning ride to the hilltop medieval town called Domme overlooking the Dordogne river. I found a handful of beater bikes in the tool shed behind the garage of our holiday house in Grolejac. All of the bikes were dubious but this one was the best. Note the name on the top tube. Yup. That’s what gave me wings to climb the hill 😉 As I got to the top, the left crank arm started to make an awful sound. By half-way back, it was threatening to come off. Good thing I had the leatherman!

Leatherman to the rescue.


I don’t know if the track on Google maps shows the hillclimbing but it was a good pull up to the first ridge.

A second ride was a delightful tour out to a picture ground riding the paved railtrails that are all around this area. Even though I had to trade Jacques Anquetil for an old upright Peugeot with a slipping shifter, it was a fun ride to a riverside picnic ground.



Two bike rides in one day. Not a bad way to spend a holiday.

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