New Cap

I guess I’m going through a phase for cycling caps (aka Biretta). Last Christmas there was my favourite winter cap made by a guy in Vancouver . I wrote about it here. Then I got one in Copenhagen from Cykler Schroeder that I wore during Cycling for Libraries (when it wasn’t raining & cold). Then last week I got another one from the Giro di Burnaby.

Then last weekend at the Vancouver Folk Fest I came upon a booth run by these guys who had a couple dozen charming, nifty, made in Vancouver cycling caps. I bought a nice houndstooth linen one with a racing stripe. Note that these are a completely separate group of cottage-industry cycling-gear makers than the guy who made my winter cap (see above).

And then, just today, Youtube offered to show me, apropos of nothing, this video. It must be fate.


  1. I can see why you’re building a cycling cap collection. These are really nice caps! I wonder if I could pull one off? There’s a few in the galstudio that are calling to me. Great video too. I’ve added it to my collection of bicycle videos. Thanks for sharing these links.

    Jodi | July 21, 2011 # 9:37 pm
  2. Sure you could pull it off! I spent ages at the galstudio booth at the Folk Fest trying to choose one. I feel like I could by another one right now and after all, collecting caps is easier than collecting bikes. I’ve already got 5 bikes, I don’t have any more room!

    Phil | July 22, 2011 # 8:45 am
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