New Cell phone update

So, further to my reports of life without out a cell phone (here & here), I got myself a phone with Wind at the end of June. Despite many reports on forums of narrow home-calling areas and many drop-outs, I’m finding it works just swell. Except: the home zone doesn’t extend into my office! The phone goes into Away zone whenever it sits on my desk. I gots to say, that’s very annoying. It’s in home zone for much of the rest of the library. It even stays in home zone if I hang it from a hook on the wall of my office (seriously!). But I keep forgetting it when I do that.  Luckily, my N810 connects to my voip account in my office so I’m still reachable. And the new cell forwards to the old voip but I haven’t quite worked out the best call-forwarding settings yet so, the cell phone saga continues.

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