No iPhone. No cell phone of any kind.

I just handed back my iphone. It belonged to work and I changed jobs and I don’t get to keep it. So, now I’m without a cell phone for the 1st time in ten years. Will I survive?

I’m not sure. However, when I got the iphone in June I kept my old cell number by porting it to a voip provider who have very cheap, pay-as-you-go rates. This provider has a feature that emails me everytime someone calls and leaves a voice mail and, in fact, the email contains the voicemail as an attachment.

So, I’ve carried a wifi-enabled handheld device for years. In fact, at the moment I’ve just re-commissioned my old Palm Lifedrive and that device can usually connect in a wifi cafe and see the emails. Whether it can listen to the attachments, I’m not sure, but there’s also a voip app for the lifedrive which lets me actally make calls. But at the moment the lifedrive microphone isn’t working well and the audio from my calls is inaudible.

Anyway, there’s more work to do on this front and who knows, if I get this all sorted, maybe I won’t need no stinking cell phone!


  1. Ha, I am glad you are getting a good start on the inevitable! Sooner than later, you will not be able to read any keys, nor the display, and that will be followed by forgetting how it works, and then ultimately, forgetting where you left it. {:-)

    Baden | October 25, 2009 # 10:18 pm
  2. Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.

    lecherbs | June 30, 2010 # 6:13 am
  3. Maybe you could edit the blog subject title The Digital Cobbler » Blog Archive » No iPhone. No cell phone of any kind. to more generic for your subject you write. I loved the blog post however.

    Team Roster | October 29, 2010 # 7:34 pm
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