Maybe scoopler might be great, I don’t know

I read an article on a list about Scoopler and how it might be great because it was going to try to catch tweets and status post realtime and let you search for them. But I’ve tried to use it twice and I keep getting a blank search-page that says this:

“We’re having a little trouble keeping up with all of you Scooplings! Please try the homepage again in a few minutes or email if you need more help.”

Hmmm. Even late on a Thursday night. I guess the web never sleeps. But this doesn’t bode well for realtime tweet searching.


  1. Hi,

    I wanted to apologize for the inconvenience, some buggy code we pushed was causing some browsers to display a 500 error, which we didn’t realize right away due to the intermittent nature of the issue. I hope you try again, eager to hear your thoughts.

    Dilan (@scoopler)

    Dilan Jayawardane | July 31, 2009 # 12:04 pm
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